Indian cooking

Nandini, my cousin, recently told me that as an Indian I should of course be able to do Indian cooking.
I think in many cases this might seem like an obvious statement, but I guess it just wasn’t the same for me. So to reply to her comment, I decided to make a post of this entire topic matter since it got me thinking.

I love Indian food. But then again, as long as something is vegetarian and well cooked, I’d eat it with equal happiness. That’s just me. But prior to this year, I’ve never seriously tried to learn any Indian cooking. I’ve got Italian, Mexican, British, Japanese…all kinds of cooking under my belt. But not Indian.

Which sounds really odd to many people… but I have a good reason for it.
My mum and grandmother are both super-duper awesome at what they do. And in comparison, I’m nothing short of sloppy and I do a lot of things at my own pace. I’m not particularly self-conscious about this, and neither do I feel inferior to them (I still trump them at international cooking :P)…But when it comes to Indian cooking I found that I just couldn’t REMEMBER the damn recipes every single time.

I realised recently that this probably came to be because I’m not used to taking cooking instructions or naming my ingredients in Tamil. : \ oh boy, that’s another can of worms there huh? *shoots foot*

BUT, I like to think my cooking skills aren’t too shabby either. Before I ship myself off to Toyama, mum and I were determined to get me to learn as much Indian cooking as we can. So during my India trip, I managed to pick up the art of chappati making and how to make some easy side dishes for my fantastic Chappattis.

And to be honest, it’s really heartwarming to eat my own Chappati and Channa. I nearly cried, and I’m not saying this out of self-praise….but just the feeling of “ah, so I can do this!” made me feel extremely satisfied with myself.

So MUST Indians know how to cook Indian food? I’m still inclined to say no, cuz I’m sure there are many Indians out there who just never grew up cooking or eating Indian food everyday and I’m sure there are Indians who just don’t like Indian food and I’m sure there are Indians who live in places where the ingredients are just NOT THERE.

And who am I to judge?

But I DO know that this cooking will ward of at least 10% of potential homesickness so I’m grateful for that.

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