……late-updates…and my winter wonderland life.

Weather is the best topic to break an awkward silence….今日はいい天気ですね。。。
So winter has hit Toyama…and I haven’t done much updating to speak of….so sue me.

It’s really cold if you compare with Singapore…but I’ve got ALT friends who wore t-shirts well into November. I personally have days when I want to just get married to my rice-cooker, blanket and heater and not move. Mornings are the worst…I constantly tell my mum that I’d like to become a Burrito.

Chilly angst aside, it’s beautiful. Seeing it snow for the first time, was just magical. My kids thought I’d gone nuts. My fingers felt like they were gonna fall off, but I was out in the snow just gazing up. It really gets silent with the snow though…and the flakes just float down…it’s super pretty. My kids told me “before it snows, you’ll hear thunder”…IT’S TRUE!!!! And I was so AMAZED! Every time I hear thunder…I look up, and soon enough, snow starts to float down….

The first day it snowed, it snowed A LOT! Like, a LOT. I came home and went to my balcony and there was a huuuuuge pile of snow…just blanketing the whole space. And I did what any rational live-alone adult would do. I climbed out there, without gloves and built my snowman.

Used Ketchup for his facial features...and a kife and scissors for his hands...

Used Ketchup for his facial features…                                            And a kife and scissors for his hands…                                              In my defence, I had nothing much at home at that time.

I also get to wear all the things my brother deemed as “Hipster-y trash”…all the SCARVES and HATS and COATS!!! XD Heat tech from UNIQLO has also been my life saver…along with Kairos…and my fingerless gloves.

And staff room and class rooms are pretty damn warm too…so overall…I’m a warm and happy Iggy.
Although…the warmest thing till now is still the toilet seat in my school….






Quick updates since forever:
I am so so excited to share that I finally met my Japanese Onee-san TWICE after a long long time (or “after a long absence” as my kids would say. ;D) Once in Osaka (for a show by Ishinha) and once in Tokyo.  It was such a pain to plan, and seriously travel takes such a HUGE chunk out of my wallet….but it was so so so so so (infinately) so worth it. I should probably make a list of places I’ve been to….yea…

My Onee-san.

My Onee-san.

Places I’ve visited in the past 5.5 months:
1. Toyama: Tateyama, Gokayama, Kamiichi, Takaoka, Ushidake, Toga Village, Etchuu-Yatsuo, Shogawa, Kureha, Kurobe, Amaharashi Beach, Ikuji, Iwakuraji…still counting.
2. Nagano: Kamikochi
3. Ishikawa: Kanazawa
4. Kyoto: Temples…and gardens…and just…waw…
Man that place really looks like it came out of my Traditional-Japanese Otaku brain’s dream world.
5. Osaka: Ishinha show place, Osaka Aquarium, Dotonbori, Shitennouji
6. Tokyo: A lot of places. =_=…No really, I made a trip from 21st Dec-6th Jan, and I just became a complete consumerist tourist…Ghibli…Akiba…Shibuya…Harajuku…Shinjuku…Shimokitazawa…Meiji Jingu…Asakusa…Nakano-Sakaue…Nerima-Kasugacho…Ikebukuro…
7. Chiba: Fukuda Denshi Arena and Disney Land.

Yea…It’s been crazy packed…and I can’t wait to see more…The world is SO big…and as a small human being, I feel humbled all the time. I truly hope 2015 continues to challenge and develop me.

Short days and long nights, Glimmer of the city lights, Distant mountains glow.  夕暮や 灯ちらちら 山燃ゆる By: Me Translation: Michiko-san and English class.

Short days and long nights,
Glimmer of the city lights,
   Distant mountains glow.
By: Me 
Translation: Michiko-san and English class.