About this Blog

This blog has documented Yagnya’s JET Programme journey in Toyama prefecture.
Hopefully will be of some use to someone out there in the distant future. Yagnya plans to blog about the following:

  1. Teaching in Toyama.
  2. Being Vegetarian in Japan (I don’t eat fish, meat and if possible eggs)
  3. Singapore to Toyama and all the juicy details in between 😛
  4. Toyama and whatever’s innit.
  5. Anything else I want to blog about, cuz it’s my blog.
  6. Post-JET thoughts

DISCLAIMER: this blog does not dish out advice or universal truths. It’s just my perspective of things. What I go through is purely my own experience and does not mean you’ll go through the same things. Enjoy reading and if something I say helps, great! But,  please please understand that the ESID (every situation is different) thing doesn’t apply just to JET programme. That’s life.

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  1. John Hatanaka
    Dec 04, 2016 @ 00:43:31

    Hello Yagna. I know your feeling. I became vegetarian in Japan and now I’m vegan in the U.S. My the paths we take! Have you heard of Juice Plus. I recently discovered this and I do the shakes and the capsules. It works wonders for me and believe me I have tried to find a good way to sustain my energy. I have tried Purium and others and they have been good, but I love “Juice Plus” It basically has me eating about twice a day and I have really great energy. The other thing that really helped me was “St. John’s Wort Tea. This does a good job of calming the nerves in the evening and just feels really good. I think you will find a huge vegan community in Japan and specifically “Macrobiotic” There are lots of vegan websites out there and if you type in “Saisyokushya” in in Japanese there are some neat blogs. Let me know if this helps you! Best!! John


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