About Toyama

3 awesome things about Toyama:

  • It’s got firefly squids that wash up on the beaches. Who doesn’t wanna see glowing sotongs?}
    That said, you’ll need the luck of Ebisu if you wanna catch this phenomenon cuz the stars, moon, weather, waves and temperature must all align before you probably catch a 3000yen cab to the seaside in the middle of a working night.

    Or you can just go to the Namerikawa Hotaruika Museum. Just saying.
    They’re adorable.

  • Toyama is where Toga Village is, which is the home of Suzuki Tadashi’s Theatre Company.
    Every Summer they have a THEATRE FESTIVAL in Toga which is nestled deep into the mountains.
    Shows back to back, free, cheap tents to camp in. LIFE!
  • lots of snow. LOTS AND LOTS of snow.
    This is a muchly exciting thing for a person who’s been stuck in a tropical humid-land for almost all her life.
    BUT it’s also a time when you’ll want to marry your heater, kotatsu and rice cooker and never go out.

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